Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Elections in Iran vs Elections in the US

Ebrahim Nabavi - 2008.02.17

Iran and the US both have important elections forthcoming. But important differences ‎exist between the two. Let’s take a look.‎

First, in the US an important person is elected president, while in Iran an important ‎person selects the president. ‎

Second, in the US people know the background of the person who is elected a year in ‎advance, while in Iran people learn of the person’s background two days after he is ‎announced.‎

Third, whoever is elected in the US determines the policy of the country towards the ‎Middle East, while in Iran US policy towards the Middle East determines who is elected ‎in Iran.‎

Fourth, in the US, educated people participate in the elections to have a say in their ‎future, while in Iran educated people do not participate in the elections to have a say in ‎their future.‎

Fifth, in the US members of the Supreme Court are determined by the Congress and the ‎President, while in Iran it is the Guardians Council for the Constitution which picks the ‎members of Parliament and the President.‎

Sixth, in the US, whoever is elected president, regardless of how stupid he is, things don’t ‎get worse than a certain point, while in Iran whoever is elected, regardless of his wisdom, ‎things don’t get better beyond a certain point.‎

Seventh, Special Law: In Iran the person least expected to win wins the elections, while ‎in the US the winner is always one of the predicted candidates who wins.‎

Eight, in the US, the voting behavior of the public is at worst 5 percent different from the ‎predictions, while in Iran it is 70 percent off.‎

Nine, elections in Iran always take place on a holiday, ie Friday, because elections are ‎one of our past times, while in the US elections always take place during a work day ‎because it is part of their work.‎

Ten, normally elections in the US have a greater impact on changes in politics in Iran, ‎rather than the impact of elections in Iran on Iranian politics.‎

‎* Ebrahim Nabavi is the most read Iranian satirist.

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