Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I suggest you to visit Abyaneh. It is a beautiful historic village at the foot of Karkass mountain 70 km to the southeast of Kashan and 40 km to Natanz.
The first thing you noticed about Abyaneh is its red color. There is mountain in red behind the village which is evident from a far distance of the village.
The whole village is colored in red because the soil of the village is clay and all of its buildings are made by clay.
The village is very old. It is one of the oldest village in Iran which is remained from ancient Iran from Sassanid era.
Based on Abyunaki dialect, Abyaneh is called "Viuna". "Vi" means willow and "Viyane" means land of willows (Abyaneh was land of willows in the past). Over time, "Viuna" has been changed to "Avyaneh" and then "Abyaneh".

Their people costume is so amazing and beautiful and very thoroughbred.
The women's clothes are really amazing. They wear a long scarf in white with some patterns of flowers which is covered their shoulders. Also they wear a colorful pattern skirt which is tall under the knees.
They have a very old fire temple in the village from ancient Iran which is closed since Safavid government forced them to convert to Islam.
Abyaneh resisted conversion to Islam throughout the ages, and stayed Zoroastrian until it was forced to convert to Shi'ite Islam in the time of the Safavid dynasty, as were many other villages and towns that had held onto the Zoroastrian religion until then.
The village is covered by trees and its environment is so beautiful.

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