Sunday, February 20, 2011

King of Libya

Muammar in Arabic, means engineer and usually is used before the name by people for educated people in the field of Civil Engineering and Construction, so maybe if that the first name of king of Libya is Muammar or the word is his nickname, is unknown but the clear matter is 68 years old King of Libya, such as movie actors with makes up every day, has a very abnormalities. For example, he never wears one dress in two formal meetings. So every his dress has a special story. In the recent days of UN summit in New York, he spoke one hundred minutes for his lecture instead of fifteen minutes time was dedicated that more than ninety minutes was full of curse and swear when so his interpreter after his thirty-five minutes interpreting brought little that they forced to replace some else for him ...

So you must know for years, he does not stay in any other building except in his own palace, and each time for foreign travel for foreign travels that chiefs of other countries have invited him to travel abroad, he takes tents and many valets and his retinues. Some years ago at travel to France in Green space of House FriendFeed (or Versailles), tents and his special court was established and appropriate subjects for journalists and the press and many rumors have followed. In his recent visit to New York at first, they tented in NY National Park that police officers went for the protest of some people living near park for security around them that police forced Libyan delegation to remove and to pitch somewhere else (you must respect citizenship rights in USA). Finally, Libyan group rented a hectare of green space in the home of a wealthy in New York suburbs for a few days, for an exorbitance amount. In there, they tented for KING of Libya ...

What is certain, King of Libya at seventy years of age is very interested to become a subject for press but his protective box guards might be more interesting than everything. His protective box who are young and very fit are selected after many tests and hard courses are more than four hundreds people of the forty-person shift for responsibility to protect his life and are responsible for his travel to New York when the king of Libya went to one of the shops in New York City for buying souvenirs, this forty persons caravan (and of course with countless local police) a blockade was created in New York City traffic. His Protective guards, unlike other uniformed guards, (in shift or in protection) never wear ordinary clothes, all of them are selected single girls and until they are in service they have no right for marriage ...


  1. سال نو مبارک
    امیدوارم همیشه تندرست و شاد باشی

  2. اين متون راهبردي جمعيت ال ياسين بين سالهاي 1386 تا 1388 براي اولين بار منتشر شدند. بيش تر برنامه هاي گفته شده در اين متن ها اجرا شدند و باعث رسوايي هر چه بيشتر اداره دايره مذاهب و همچنين باعث آزادي استاد ايليا و اعضاي جمعيت گرديد . اما با توجه به دستگيري مجدد چند روزه استاد ايليا بر آن شديم تا دوباره اين متن ها و برنامه ها را يادآوري كنيم