Saturday, July 21, 2007

Freedom Story

My Description of the Necessity of Freedom:
Once upon a time I had a building which I decided to decorate and furnish all rooms except only one room very nicely and professionally for people to have a tour in. That room was messy. Before arriving people, we have decided to close the door of the room and consider it as a "forbidden room". When the people came in the building, some liked the rooms, some didn't like them and some were neutral. However, some people showed their interest in the forbidden room and were curious about that. In the end of the day, we decided to open the door of the room for the next day. The result was surprising: The room was not attractive for visitors anymore. Some told us that they can see the beauty of the building trough the forbidden room.

Original article written in Persian by Bahman

Special thanks to Manijeh for translate the Persian article to English

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