Monday, July 2, 2007


Tabriz is a city of Iran that is located in Iran. Some Iranians want to say that Tabriz is belong to Republic of Azerbaijan. They abuse our nationality (Iranian) identity and they insulted our Iranian identity. Some people like those Iranian want to separate the rest of Azarbaijan which is belong to Iran from Iran (the oldest country in the world) and append it to Republic of Azerbaijan (the young country). This is an abuse to our Iranian identity.
Majority of people of Iranian Azarbaijan don't agree with them, they say "We are Iranian and proud of being Iranian", as I saw and heard from them.
For more information, the land of Republic of Azerbaijan was belong to IRAN but Russia separated Azarbaijan and Armenia from Iran about 100 years ago. Then, Russia Empire appended the separated Azarbaijan and Armenia to Russia. After collapse of Soviet, the separated Azarbaijan became a country with name Republic of Azerbaijan.

The real name of Azarbaijan is Adur Paiyigan or Atro Patikan means "The Guardians of Fire" (its old ancient NAME).

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  1. Dr. vahid Garousi should see this topic since he is defending the separation of Azerbaiejan from Iran.

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