Friday, October 10, 2008

Iranian Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi Should Not Misuse Government Tolerance!

Last Wednesday, Iran’s Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi received yet another international ‎award, this time the Price of Tolerance award given to her by that German institute ‎Evangelische Akademie in Tutzing. This is the fourth award bestowed by the institute, a ‎previous one going to the former president of Germany Roman Herzog. As news media ‎announced the receipt of the award by Ebadi, the Iranian state news agency IRNA ‎criticized her acceptance of the award and warned her not to take advantage of the ‎Islamic republic’s “patience and tolerance”. ‎

IRNA published the news of Shirin Ebadi’s meeting with Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the ‎foreign minister of Germany, and noted that, “During the meeting a range of issues ‎including civil rights and human rights were discussed.” The report did not hide the its ‎disgust in the award to the Iranian human rights activist and asserted, “This award was ‎bestowed on her because of her remarks that are contrary to the interests of the Iranian ‎nation and her activities in this regard.”‎

IRNA wrote that that one of the reasons quoted for bestowing the award on Ebadi was ‎that “she worked under conditions of threat” following the “orders of President ‎Ahmadinejad to secure her security.” Still, the news agency warned that Shirin Ebadi ‎continued her propaganda against the Islamic republic by misusing the patience and ‎tolerance of the authorities of the state by continuing to participate in anti-Iranian ‎forums.”‎

Since the year 2000, the Evangelische Akademie in Tutzing Germany affiliated to the ‎Protestant church in the province of Bayer has been awarding such a prize (to important ‎religious and political leaders, and thinkers and artists) once every two years in its efforts ‎to bring the different political and cultural and religions orders of the world closer to each ‎other.‎

This new threat from Iran’s state news agency against Ebadi comes after this human ‎rights activist has in recent months received letters threatening her life and been accused ‎and threatened by the state and state-affiliated media.‎

Last winter Ebadi herself announced that she and her family had received murder threats ‎and called on the authorities to guarantee her safety. She addressed these requests directly ‎to President Ahmadinejad and after the letters went public, the president announced that ‎he had instructed the law enforcement agencies to undertake the security of the Nobel ‎Peace laureate. But following that, IRNA, the official government newspaper Iran, and ‎other pro-state or state-run media such as Keyhan and Fars news agency began a series of ‎threats and attacks on Ebadi. One of the attacks against her has been that she had been ‎defending Bahaism, which is officially banned in the country.‎

Source: ROOZ